Plan to visit Universities

Foundation Diploma Course-

Open Day on the 28th June at 3:00pm

London University-Fashion Contour-

(no open day yet on the website)



Pathway direction with progression

The direction I’m going in after college is to do a Foundation Course at college or University as I plan to get the foundation course to give me a higher chance of getting to university. I am then planning to either going travelling for 6 months or go straight to university. I plan on going travelling as I think the experience I will get from this will help through University as it can inspire me seeing the different experiences around the world.

If I don’t go travelling before University I plan to go after University before I go and get a job in fashion design if I take a course in designing at University which I will more likely do.

UCAS fair November

When I visited the UCAS fair I went and looked at a mixture of different Universities, I spoke to Universities that included costume design, gaming design, fine art and art and design. Leeds was one of the main Universities I wanted to speak to however when I went they said that the student from the Art and Design curriculum wasn’t available at that moment in time so I didn’t get chance to speak to her.

I spoke with a University that singularly did costume design which looked like a nice university however I didn’t think it was for me. I then spoke to a University about fine art and art and design, this university was a small university which was quite intriguing however I knew I wanted to either go to Leeds or London. I spoke with a gaming design which was interesting but definitely not for me.

Salford Lecture

Introduction to Salford-

Aidan Brooks is the recruitment and outreach officer and the young women who came to speak with us about Salford.

Where is Salford?

10 minutes from Manchester, 2 miles from Manchester City Centre, 1.25 hours by car, 1.5 hours by train direct.

History of Salford-

1850-Pendleton mechanics institute

1896-Royal technique institute

1921- Royal technique college


Science, engineering, technology, built environment, arts media, social science etc.

How many people attend Salford-

It has 3 campuses, 120 students nationalities, 2000 members of staff, 17000 students, 100000 students in Manchester. They have just spent £81 million on new accommodation.

The Salford Graduate-

Offer prosthetics which are on high demand.

Students usually go straight into employment within 6 months and this is at 100% demand.

Real World experience

World class facilities

University life

Real World Experience-

Free Placement year

Exciting field trips

Live Projects

Employability recognition

University Life-

Student Union

100 plus clubs and societies

Excellent sports centre Atmosphere

University life-


Nice accommodation, cinema rooms, social places, libraries, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms

An exciting place to study-

Bars, Live music, shopping centres inside

Student Finance-

Fees and Funding

Tuition fees, universities can charge different fees for different courses, the maximum is £9000 a course.

The average student spends £41.70 per week on food.

The average students spends £21.70 on entertainment per week.

The average students spends £10.50 on books and stationary per week.

Expensive student accommodation per month?



per week £80-£140

In London accommodation is higher

Must buys-

Food isn’t included

Utility bills isn’t included

Internet isn’t included

Insurance isn’t included

To licence isn’t included

How to Pay for it all-

Tuition fee loan, pays your course fees

Living cost loan, pays towards living costs


Ordinarily resident, lived here for three years, settled UK, Student finance video, tuition fee loan, borrow full course cost 3 years funding. Paid directly to the university, you can claim regardless of circumstances, you do need to repay it as it is a loan. Maintenance loan, Paid into your account in instalments, income assessed, amount depends on where you are studying/living. You again need to repay it as it’s a loan.

Maintenance loans-


Household income-


Living at home


Living away from home

Additional funding available-

Disabled students allowance

Childcare grant

Parents learning allowance

Adult dependants grant

How to apply-

Online application

Your complete majority of application complete information on their income

You can apply from the spring before your start date

You don’t need firm offer at university

Track your status online

Keep your application up to date

Scholarships and bursaries-

Will vary institution to institution may be awarder automatically

Some are based on personal circumstances

Household income/postcode/first in family

Care leaver

Part time work-

Most students do need a part time job to supplement their income. You have to consider employment opportunities when choosing course. Should only work 10-20 hours per week.

Hardship funds available-

Universities have hardship funds for those genuinely in need. Typically must have exhausted all funding available. May be given in form of a grant or a short term loan. Processes vary from institution to institution.


Payments are made termly, you will not get any money in advance, you will need some money to get through the first few weeks.


Cash vs Card

Student Card

Young person railcard

Eating out vs learning to cook

If living in accompanying, share shopping with flatmates.

Keep a note of your expenditure

Practice makes perfect


Repayments start April after you graduate, they only start if your earning over £21,000 per year, you only pay back 9% of everything you earn over this. You pay back in relation to income not amount borrowed, if you earn £22,000 per year you pay £90 that year. £31,000 per year means you pay back £900 per year.  If you get £25,000 per year you pay back per week less than 3 cups of coffee from starbucks. If it drops to less than £21,000 our repayments stop.

If you never earn over £21,000 you don’t pay back. A small amount of interest is added, those who gain the most financially from university pay the most back. Most people will never repay their full loan. Loans are written of after 30 years, Graduate tax.

Things to remember-

Apply early, Apply for everything you may be entitled to.

Find out more-

On the website and social media sites, make use of budgeting workshops, help us abailable if you are genuinely struggling, repayments are affordable and interest is negligible, students loaned do not affect your credit score.