Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York)

“We were married in the traditional way. Our two families knew each other, so a meeting was arranged. We’d never met. He came to my house with his mother, and we went to a room for two hours and talked. We talked about our expectations, our idea of love, and our plans for the future. I thought about it for two days, then I sent him a text message, saying: ‘Let’s do it.’ And he wrote back: ‘Alright, my dear.’” Iran

Brandon Stanton is the artist behind ‘The Humans of New York’. Stanton does amazing realistic photos. My attention is captured by how strong the emotions on the people’s faces are and how Stanton creates a story for each of them no matter how sad their stories may be. This work makes me feel quite sad because one of the photographs I have chosen to look about is about an arranged marriage in Stanton’s head and even though they both seem quite happy in the photograph the quote underneath it makes the photo seem like the smiles are fake and are being worn for the camera.

Stanton’s work reminds me of myself, many people I’ve known and strangers that I may have only just said hello to because the facial expressions are very strong and the made up stories behind the photo are situations people actually get stuck going through or are very similar.

In these photographs you see a mixture of landscape in the background and portraits. Clues that tell me when this work was taken is the clothing that the people are wearing and the background of the photo gives you clues where it was taken.

The colours used in these photographs are usually quite warm, bright and realistic The backgrounds are very busy in the first photo the background is of an Iran landscape quite high up looking down on forestry, the second photo is on a street corner and is blurred out so the two women stand out more and the centre of the photo is the women at the front very close up to the camera, the third photo is central and the background I again blurred out however it looks as if it was a very busy place like a shopping mall as if people were walking around behind him and he’s alone.

The theme of the work I think is to show the emotions that everybody across not just New York but across the world go through and what stories they are fighting against. I think the function of this work is social as it brings across a message to a lot of people, the focus of these photos is emotion and this is achieved by the stories being highlighted by Stanton and the facial expressions being very realistic and bold.

My feelings toward the pieces of Stanton’s work haven’t change they’ve stayed the same he is an amazing photographer/artist and is brilliant at bringing across stories and emotions being real or not. His work is definitely effective as it made you think what it would be like to be into that situation or it made you understand the photo more because you feel like you have felt what the people are said to feel, or you know the expression that is displayed on their face.

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