Vivian Maier (self-portraits)



My first impressions of these self-portraits were the different times they were taken the black and white photograph is older than the coloured photograph. The angles Vivian Maier uses and the creativity of using the back of a side mirror on the car and using a man’s mirror with a slight tilt to it grabs my attention. This work makes me feel inspired because it shows with the right angles and reflections used you will get an amazing photograph.  Maier’s self-portraits usually show little expression as she has a blank facial expression however in this black and white photo you can see a hint of a smile on her lips which shows she thought the photo had turned out as well as it had looked in her head before the darkroom .

In these photographs Vivian Maier is taking pictures of herself if the reflection of mirrors, they all quite historical photos as they were taken in the 1900’s but the more historical photo is the black and white photo because it dates back to when we didn’t have coloured camera’s however the same can’t be said for the second photograph in colour.

There isn’t much of a story behind these photographs from what I see, I would just say that Vivian Maier decided to take a walk with her camera and came along some amazing opportunities to take photographs of herself in the reflections of mirrors, but in the second colourful photograph you can also two children with her that are probably the children she would nanny.

The clues that tell you when this work was made is that the first photo is in black and white and the second photo is taken in an old cars side mirror however the photo is taken in the back of the mirror instead of the front as with modern cars most of the side mirrors don’t have that kind of back to them. In the colourful photo the colours are warmish, bright and both of the photos are very realistic. The background is very busy in both of these photos you can tell that the central main object in the photo is Vivian Maier. Vivian Maier didn’t really have a function in her work as she didn’t show anybody her work it was a hobby people only found out about her work two years before she died.

I think Vivian Maier’s self-portraits are beautiful my favourite piece Is the photo of her in the car mirror and the two children just underneath her. These photographs aren’t as effective with emotions as Maier’s other work as I don’t feel anything when I look at these photographs however with her street photographs they show deep emotion through either the dirt on their bodies the smile in their eyes or the pearls around their necks.



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