Cindy Sherman (self-portraits)


Cindy Sherman specialises in photography and does portraits of herself and others, my favourite pieces are the portraits of her and others as clowns.

I prefer Cindy Sherman’s clown work as I love the vibrancy and different colours used in them. What capture my attention with her work is the vibrant colours that are used. This work brings to mind the circus and how people have different feelings about clowns as some people are terrified and some people don’t mind them.

The feelings that are given off could be off fear as if you were afraid of clowns. Sherman uses warm, bright, vibrant colours to portray her vision of clowns. Clowns must have been something that inspired her or fascinated her for her to want to do a lot of portraits as them. The backgrounds are full of lines that are bright and stand out however they are slightly blurred so they don’t stand out top much and you are still drawn to the main part of the art piece.

My feelings toward the art work is that it is very different and abstract I love the idea of the fascination of clowns making you do a lot of portrait work on it and I love the way the vibrant colours catch your eyes. I think this work is effective as from looking at it firstly I don’t see a story behind however I could imagine Sherman going to circus and being enthralled by the different colours and facial expressions on the facial expressions on the clowns faces especially as clowns have their facial expressions clearly printed on their faces maybe that was what Cindy Sherman was so overly interested in.

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