Mark Powell

'short days' Bic biro drawing on antique newspapertumblr_m7s7d1duGf1qhu2k1o1_1280 (1)d1ee7abc5b987d19b3c226c126766d82

My first impression is that Mark Powell draws his work onto the back of used envelopes, books and music sheets, this gives the work and ageing look to it so it looks older than it actually is. The art pieces are portraits but Mark Powell uses a mixture of mark makings and shading. He is amazing at realism work like his portraits but also does photography.
He doesn’t use much colour in his portraits however I would say they are dull natural colours. His work shows the different emotions of different people and their stories behind that emotion. The background on the different portraits could also show the different personalities the person has that has been drawn for example the man with the music sheet background may have enjoyed that piece of music or was a musician.

The portraits are usually central, and the backgrounds are very bland with little or no detail. His work is historical, portraits and realistic. The clues that tell me when this work was made is the fading colour of the paper the stamps, the age of the newspaper and the age of the music sheets.

I love Mark Powell’s work as I love the idea of drawing on the front of an envelope or a plain piece of paper that you have scribbled down notes on. This work is effective as it shows the emotions on the faces very much and the shading and mark makings are very detailed so a lot of skill and thought has gone into this.

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