Alberto Giacometti-wire portraits


4b1 alberto_giacometti_tete_dhomme_d5734214h images

Alberto Giacometti is mainly famous for his sculpture work he looked at the figures of shadows however he stated that he wasn’t fascinated by the shape of the human form however by the shadow they created and if you look at the sculptures you can see how they look distorted to look like human shadows.

My first impression of Giacometti’s work is that it looks like the human figure however it is actually the human shadow. What captures my attention is the distortion of it and how thin and edgy the figures are. This work brings to mind different human figures that have been stretched and distorted. This work makes me feel quite gloomy because if you see the figures as shadows its quite a gloomy image of shadows walking around with their shoulders hunched and looking down as if nobody can see them it looks very lonely. This work reminds me of the human figure and the distorted shapes you can get with or without the shadow.

In the work Giacometti is looking at the different shadows of people and turning them into 3D models that seem as if they are walking around with the mind of their own. His work is portrait, abstract and quite modern.

Giacometti uses different metals to make his sculptures and this gives them a haunting dark look to them that makes them look as if they are wallowing in their own sadness, this is achieved with the metals he uses because of the colour and the shapes the metals give. The texture is probably very rough and maybe quite smooth as metal can be sometimes smooth.

I like Giacometti’s work because I like the look of how everyone sees it as a human figure however they are actually shadows and he has brought the shadow to life in my eyes the shadow has become real and it also makes you think that the shadows can feel emotion because most of his sculptures have their heads down wallowing about always being in the darkness maybe.

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