Ralf Westerhof-wire portraits

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My first impression of his work is that it is mainly of the human face and he uses wire. With some of his work you can look at it from different angles and you seen different shapes and faces because Westerhof is fascinated by the different angles of the human form. What captures my attention is how he gets so much detail with wire I especially love the eyes in each piece he does. His work brings to mind portraits of different people however he also does a few landscape pieces.

He does landscape and portrait work. It’s very abstract and modern. It’s very detailed within wiring however it is also very simple, I love his work as I love the idea of using wire to create faces however he isn’t my favourite artist as I don’t see a story or feelings behind his work.

His landscape work is very good as he makes pieces from the background stand out creating a city landscape and in some of the cases the wire could be making a window and in that wire window will be the background of another window so the wire is used as a frame. The purpose of his work is to show the different angles of the human form and how the human form looks different wherever you look at it from.

To visit his website go to:




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