Alphonse Mucha


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Mucha is a Czech painter and lept to fame in Paris in 1895 when his poster ‘Gismonda’ that was painted in 1894 became highly known.

Mucha got expelled from school at a young age because his academic performance was poor.  He was in a local church and came across Jan Umlauf, Mucha loved his work and then decided he was going to become an artist.

My first impression of his work is that they all look like posters, and the colours are quite natural and subtle. The different swirls and colours capture my attention and these are all historical pieces and I’m into history I think they are beautiful and different and all look very feminine. This work war and bars Mucha uses dull colours that you would see in a bar and they look like they are from the era of the first world war in which time era he lived and painted these posters. This work makes me feel quite relaxed as they are detailed pieces of work but very subtle and moving images some of these posters look like they are being used for propaganda as it’s saying if a pretty women like me smokes then it must be okay to smoke and it will attract pretty women like me so buy these kind of cigarettes they are the best.

Mucha mainly does portraits, however these are historical portraits. Most of the images I came across had women on them, probably because they were posters for men so the posters had pretty women on them to attract men to buy the products being advertised. The work Mucha draws/paints has been historic, old, realistic and has very busy background. There are different stories to each poster for example one of them is about the different seasons, another is about buying ‘JOBS’ cigarettes, the other is a poster for star wars etc. I know this because the background states what the poster is about and the seasons is seen because the first one is spring, then summer, then autumn and winter.

I have continuous feelings for these pieces of work I think they look so pretty, and think back when these posters were being made I think they did do their job of propaganda as the women he drew were always very pretty and he gave them a look or reality but also blended them into the poster by making them look unreal as well and I think they are very pretty especially with all the swirly hair and cool, subtle colours he used that aren’t bold and flashy.

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