David Hockney


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My first impression of David Hockney’s work is that he uses a method called cubism, and loves overlapping pictures and likes sharp edges in his work. Hockney is an abstract artist and uses cubism in his portraits. He shows the different angles of the face, close-ups of different aspects of the face it makes you notice the parts of the face that you wouldn’t look into as much detail as you would if you normally looked at a face because he re-uses the same image but uses close-ups of it. The most amazing part of his work is that he overlaps in such a strange way because the eyes would be where the shoulders would be but you can still clearly see that his work is based on portraits. He uses a lot of bright, warm colours to catch your eye.

At first I didn’t really enjoy David Hockney’s work however after looking at the work in a bit more depth I realised how fascinating and intriguing the method that he uses is and after doing my own piece of work in his cubism style I realized how much thought goes into arranging the abstract face and overlapping because you still want it to be noticeable and seen as you and your portrait not just a lot of pieces of facial pieces overlapping one another.

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