Julian Opie


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Julian Opie is one of the most well-known artists during his generation. My first impression of Opie’s work is that it’s very simple, abstract and uses block colours. What captures my attention is how simple the eyes are and how they are practically an enlarged version of the pupil.

Julian Opie does modern portraits.  I’m not the biggest fan of Opie’s work as I don’t like the idea of there being no detail in the image because when I look at artists I like to look at all the detail in the painting and how different pieces of detail comes out of the painting the longer you look at it.

Most of the faces are in the middle of the art piece, he uses thick lines around the face and body and then for extra pieces of detail like jewellery he uses thin likes. He mainly uses bright colours which makes his work stand out and uses a mixture of warm and cold colours. Opie’s work is abstract and smooth.  I don’t see a point or purpose behind his work neither do I see a story as I would usually look at the detail in a piece of art and see them as the emotions of the artist however there isn’t much detail in these pieces of work and I don’t see any emotions behind it.

My feelings haven’t change towards Opie’s pieces I still don’t enjoy his work, and I don’t really enjoy the block colour either. I don’t think this piece of work is effective as I don’t see a purpose or any emotion behind these pieces.

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