Barbara Kruger


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Born January 26th 1945

My first impression of her work is that it is a message to people about feminism and how women are pressured into looking like this ideal perfect woman. This work brings to mind the difficulty women have gone through to get equality.

This work makes me feel quite depressed because her work shows how females aren’t treated equally to men even today there is a struggle with women not being treated equally. Her art work is used as a message with the red, black and white colour scheme that is the same as a warning/danger sign which shows Kruger is showing how much danger we could be in if we don’t do something about it soon.

This work reminds me of the suffragette movement and what they did for the vote and to be seen as more of an equal than they were. Kruger does a lot of portrait work and a lot of typography in huge scales which could be implied that she is shouting it not just because it a huge problem but because women aren’t being listened to and she is trying to be heard.

The composition of the work is that her work is usually in the center of the piece of art, she uses her work to evoke feelings of depression, suffering and sadness. She has done this through the colours used, the vocabulary used and the scale of her work.

I love Barbara Krugers work because of the story behind it and how she expresses it. I think this piece is effective because it is eye capturing, it has a reason behind it and you don’t have to delve so deep into the art to find the sole purpose of her feelings or her message.

Visit her website:



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