Peter Blake


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Peter Blake is a pop artist and is famous for his work with collages, album covers with The Beetles and The Who. His collages were made from different recycled material. My first impression of Peter Blake’s work is that he puts a lot of thought into his work and uses a lot of bright and warm colours. This work makes me feel positive because of the bright and warm colours, this work reminds me of the pop art movement. I’ve looked at the collage work by Blake and he uses recycled material which are overlapping, he uses a mixture of portraits and landscapes etc. His work is a mixture of modern/historic and is very abstract. He uses a mixture of warm and bright colours, I would say his work would be smooth and the theme of his work is pop art and your eye is led by all the different pieces of recycled material and how he has composed them. I don’t see a meaning or message in his work except that he has found beauty in pieces that we usually don’t usually see in.

My perceptions towards the piece is the same I love Peter Blakes work I find it eye capturing with all the colour and warmth. I especially love the butterfly collage. I think his work does possess a high technical skill because you can see how much thought has gone into the collages with where he is going to place each piece of material. I think this is an effective piece of work for eye capturing however I didn’t really see as story behind these pieces of art work.

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