30th March 1746-16th April 1828

He was a Spanish that was mainly famous for his painting however he did a set of dry-point images about war and corpses later on in his years but before that his work was all about merry festivals and cartoons.

He was such an amazing artist the King and Queen appointed him the court painter for the Spanish Crown, he soon came to see how the poorer people lived and suffered and when France declared war on Spain a lot of his work transformed to corpses, war, and showed how corrupted the country was with greed, repression and how he viewed political and social events.

My first impression of his work is that it is very gloomy and makes you feel very emotional as the pictures include corpses and how people suffered in the 1700s-1800s if you weren’t wealthy.

My first impression of Goya’s work is that it is very depressing however the mark-making technique is amazing. Goya also seems to address sorrow and pain in which the people or animals are feeling. This work makes me feeling quite sorry for Goya having to witness and feel the emotions that are being given of in these prints. The work reminds of history, and their deaths, the violence they went through and the Grimm Reaper, this is because of the emotions on the peoples/animals faces and the clothing they wear.

The work is historical and it shows Goya’s emotions towards the Spanish crown and how the consequences of war have affected Spain. The prints also show corruption, greed, and repression that was huge in Spain, which means his work, is historical and realistic.

The subject of the print is usually in the middle of Goya’s work and then you have the detailed background so your eye is led to the subject and then the background which you then see the whole story which Goya is trying to address. The theme of his work is the Spanish Crown and how they treated different people in the social hierarchy. Goya also bases his work on the war because France declared war on Spain so he was witnessing the pain and onslaught of the war and how it corrupted the government.

My feelings for his work have changed as it shows a regular theme of his feelings and how he saw people being mistreated. His work does possess skill as he etches in to a plate to get an imprinted image. I think this is effective as it shows his emotions and I think the best art pieces portray emotion.

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