My collage in the style of Peter Blake and Barbara Kruger


For my collage I looked at Peter Blake and Barbara Kruger. Both of these artists influenced me to use different pieces of media and materials to complete my Collage. Barbara Kruger influenced me to use words in my collage which express me and who I am. Peter Blake influenced me to think about where I was putting my different materials and how I could group my different items together.

This Collage expresses me and my opinions on the left of my collage there are my photos which I’ve taken  on the right is the vocabulary out of magazines that express who I am. In the middle are a lot of saying I live by which were printed of from Pinterest. Then in the middle of that you have my face in black and white torn up into four pieces, I did this to kind of show what’s in my head and what I enjoy thinking about. I also involved some of my own quick sketches which I thought would add more to the different kinds of media I have used. used Fanta bottle wrappers, pieces from magazines, print outs, my own drawings and my own photographs I also included bits of pieces that could be called rubbish like my train tickets, hairdressing appointment sheets, receipts.

If I re-did my collage and might do it in reverse and have my face in colour and my other pieces all in black and white and see if my face stands out a bit more. I would also see what it would look like neatly cut as I ripped all my materials I used.



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