Si Scott

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My first impression of Scotts work is that he likes to use curves, swirls and black and white he rarely uses colour. What captures my attention is how he merges the letter into different swirls, patterns an different shapes and how smooth they merge together. This work brings to mind circles, ribbons and animals. His work is very relaxing to look at because of all the swirls and how smooth his drawings look like, they also have a delicate look to them.

In the work I see typography and animals, Scott’s work is abstract and modern. The story behind his work is his strong love of music and a very clever “intuitive rush” and “calculated precision”. In his drawings a lot of his pieces are inspired by music and the musics flow for example if you look at the swirls and curves they could be the pattern in which Scott is imagining the music is traveling.

The composition of his work is that the image he has drawn is usually int he center of the page. The work evokes feelings of relaxation and personal feelings that your feel when listening to music, as the music you listen to is different for each individual person and I think that is what Scott is trying to address in his drawings. Scott has achieved this by using a mixture of strong, thin, curved, diagonal and vertical lines.

The theme and subject of his work is music and animals as these inspire Scott. I think the purpose of the work is to show different feelings of music lyrics and how they inspire and connect to different people, I would say the technical skill is how he very cleverly gets an ‘intuitive rush’ but still has a ‘calculated precision’ within his work.

I enjoy looking at Si Scotts wrk as it is a smooth relaxing drawing and his drawings kind of flow like a river which gives you the relaxing feel when I look at it. I think his work is effective and it is really inspiring I love the swirls and curve which flow all nicely like a river, music it can relate to individual people personally as everybody can relate to music and music is what mainly inspires Si Scott drawings.



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