Alex Trouchet

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Trouchet was born in 1981 in Barcelona, He studied Graphic Design and started working as a freelance and illustrator in 2007 and is an abstract and modern spanish artist, graphic design, illustrator and typographer.

My first impression is that Trouchet uses bold bright colours and is slightly inspired by the Pop Art movement because the colours used are what would be found in pop art, he uses a mixture of sharp, curved, bold and thin lines. What captures my attention is the way he merges different objects into his writing like Si Scott. This work brings to mind pop art and Peter Blakes work with the different bright and bold colours he usually uses.

In the work Trouchet shows his passion to evolve, his work is full of elegance with the connecting lines like Si Scott. Trouchet is a very famous typography artist and has worked for Katy Perry, Coca Cola, Topshop and The New York Times. Trouchet ahs won the certificate of excellence twice once in 2005 and again in 2009, including the D&AD in 2009, Graphics Poster gold 2008, ADC Young Gun 2008, Communication Arts 2008, Young illustrator award in 2009, Laus Or 2008 and CQ Award 2009. The work addresses what Toruchet is passionate about it shows how he is inspired by bright colours and different various amount of lines and objects that he draws.

The similarities between Si Scotts and Alex Trouchet’s work is that they are both typographers, they both use a fluent curve in their work. Both artists also merge objects within their typography for example Si Scott uses a mixture of animals and music and Trouchet uses a mixture of pens, animals, cans etc.

Si Scott and Alex Trouchet have many differences as well, Scott doesn’t use a wide range of colours like Trouchet does and Scott isn’t as famous and well known as Alex Trouchet. Si Scott only stays with his curved lines however Trouchet experiments and uses a mixture of different texts for example he uses¬†a range from bold text to calligraphy and graffiti.

The artist I prefer is Alex Trouchet, I prefer the colours as they are warm, bright, bold colours. I also prefer how he experiments with different fonts as Scott just sticks with one font most of the time and he repeats what he does so you basically know what his next piece of work will contain as he sticks with the same fonts and colours however with Trouchet you get a different fonts, lines, colours and different objects.



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