Sabeena Karnick

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Sabeena Karnick is a calligrapher. She always wanted to have a career ina rt since she was younger. She has always seen writing especially calligraphy as beautiful.

Karnick would be inspired by family members/friends that she adored or her idols and use their initials or names etc. as inspiration for her typography.

Karnick studied art during school and college. Firstly she did her degree in graphic design focusing on typography. In her final year Karnick decided to concentrate on typography and paper within 3D sculpting she then decided after experimenting within that area that she would join them together typography and paper which led to her typography being quilled.

Soon after Karnick started with quilling she got a lot of offers to work for brands before she even finished with her first letters within quilling. Karnick got offers from advertising agencies and is know very busy working for a lot of agencies all over the world.

The similiarities between Sabeena Karnciks and Thu May Tits work is that they both get inspiration from nature as with Thu May Tits she looked at gardens and the essence of mother nature and with Sabeena Karnick she looked at the nature and used a lot of flowers and leaves in her work. Another similarity is that they both use a lot of curved lines within there work that brings a nice flowing look to there work.

The difference between each individual artist is that they both have different colour schemes within there work as Thu May Tit looks as pinks, purples and blues as Sabeena Karnick uses a huge extensive colour pallette with greens, blues, pink, red, purples the normal bright vibrant colours that are seen within a garden.

My first impression of Karnick is that she uses an extensive palette to work by, uses a lot of curved lines and swirls within her work. What captures my attention is the vibrant colours that she uses within her work.

The work is typography made out of paper she is amazing at quilling and what she does is a modern technique and the background is plain white. Her work is contemporary and the story behind it is that she loved 3D paper sculpting and then decided to mix it with her typography work which resulted in her quilling work. This work is still being made to this day as the colours are very vibrant and looks very modern also most of the work she does is advertisement for businesses.

The main piece of the work she constructs is usually based in the middle of the page and is extended outwards. The work she creates is slightly done in two different styles you have the quilling when the outline of the letter is made out of objects and the lettering is the white card or you have it when the letter is highlighted with the quilling and the inside of the letter is full of swirls and you have plain white paper in the background

The way she quills is shown below in the link to the you tube video:

This first video shows her work on show and the second video shows exactly how to quill, this video helped me with how to quill my original letter that I decided to do

I love Sabeenas art work I love the idea of how the shapes are made out of something so simple as paper, the elegant, curved smooth, flowing look of it is beautiful and I’m hopefully going to take this and produce a pretty letter out of quilling.



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