Sewing Workshop

IMG_3097[1]Firstly we have to put our chosen material through an embroidery hoop and tighten the wood to make sure the material is nice and taut like the top of a drum.


IMG_3100[1] IMG_3101[1]

The running stitch is originally just a stitch with equal size stitch and gap between each stitch. When we had finished with the running stitch we tied a knot in the back by pinching the fabric with the needle and doing this a few times to stop the thread from getting lose then we moved onto the next stitch, which is the straight line stitch.


The straight line stitch is a series of stitches the same size continuously done in a horizontal fashion, on my fabric they have been designed to lie above another.


The next one we did was couching where we got a piece of wool and sewed over it with a different colour with the straight line stitch.


This is the whipped stitch where you repeat the running stitch and then thread through the gap between the blue thread and the material the pink thread which I used but this thread doesn’t actually pierce the fabric.



With the French knot you pierce the fabric from behind and then when you’ve thread all that material you then slightly pinch the material with your needle but it doesn’t go all the way through the material and you then wrap the thread your using three/four times around the needle. Then you press down hard on the needle and the thread and you pull the needle out leaving the thread underneath your finger/thumb, you keep pulling at the thread until you can’t pull any more thread through and you should have your French knot. For a caterpillar stitch you wrap the thread six/eight times around the needle before pulling.


This is the cross stitch it is two simple stitches the same size that cross over each other to make an X shape.


This is the star stitch I initially start this by making a cross stitch the X shape and then going over it horizontal and landscape so you get a stitch that looks like a star.


The speckling/seedling stitch is where you use a mixture of directions and lengths that are sewn randomly over your material.


The applique is where you sew a piece of fabric onto another piece of fabric this is normally used with the straight line stitch and the running stitch however you could probably use any stitch you wanted.


This is the finnished piece of work that shows the different sewing techniques i’ve learnt.


This is the back of my work which shows the directions I took to getting the neat pieces of sewing on the front.



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