David Carson

23a carson-pepsi moodboard__david_carson_by_tonightsdecision san-sebastian-surf-festibal-3

David Carson is an American graphic designer, his artwork drastically changed the visual communication in the 1990’s. He got into Graphic Design quite late in his life as he went for a design class at the age of twenty-six. Carson worked for self and Musician magazine, then spent four years as a part-time designer for the magazine Transworld Skateboarding, which enabled him to experiment with overlapping images and use different fonts. In 1992 Carson went working for Ray Gun and left in 1995, in 1995 Carson produced The End of Print : The Graphic Design of David Carson, these were then followed by 2nd Sight 1997, Fotografiks 1999, and Trek 2003.

My first impression of Carsons work is that it is very unconventional and is very dark and simple/detailed he didn’t include much detail in his work. What captures my attention is the untidy/messy look his work gives off. This work brings to mind a dark city grafitti and has a collage affect to it.

In the work Carson is advertising using typography for Pepsi which is one of the less darker piece of work. but all his other work is very dark and dominates the lighter colours which makes the wording stand out more.

The work gives off quite an eary feeling by using dark colours, sharp edges, different lines for example thick, thin, curved, horizontal, straight. He uses a wide colour palette of different and dark colours but also he uses yellow which is a bright colour and this contrasts with all the darks used as he uses yellow and this contrasts with all the dark colours and captures the audiences eye easily and a lot of black and white monochrome colours are used in his work to make the font stand out and have a 3D affect to it.

I like Carson’s work as I like the contrast in his work and the unconventional look to it with all the overlapping fonts and photos used. His work was effective in drastically changing the visual communication in the 1990’s however to me personally it isn’t very effective as there are no feeling being portrayed and as his work is quite simple there isn’t much detail which I enjoy looking for in a piece of art work.




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