Work in the style of Rosie James


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Firstly I made sure the material was taut in the embroidery hoop. I then   drew out the A and the swirls around it, it’s based around nature as the swirls are different curved leaves. I used a mixture of different stitches in my piece I used, applique, cross stitch, running stitch, speckling, french-knots and straight-line stitch.

After drawing out the pattern I was to stitch I decided that doing the  A in French knots would be best to do first this was very time consuming however I like the texture it creates from eye view and how it feels when you touch it. I stuck to black and white as I liked the elegance it had on the composition. The lines around the A aren’t very straight like they should be because of the french knots not being very straight so if I re-did this I would probably try and re-do this. Half way through doing the French knots it got slightly boring so I decided to do sew some of the pattern I used black and white, I added white to the background to cover the pen marks from the pattern as I didn’t follow the whole drawing as I thought doing it in a different way sometimes would look better.

After completing the A and some of the pattern I started I decided that sewing the outline of the drawing would be better than doing each pattern one by one which I found was less time consuming and easier to do, After sewing the outline I went in with the white and sewed the background. I then after completing the white went in with the black and filled in the black parts of the pattern. Finishing off the plain sewing part, I then added the applique around the edges to make it look more like Rosie James work.

This video shows the technique I used to sew the outline of the leaf/nature pattern.

If I had to redo this piece of work I would change the white thread to either a thinner thread or no cotton to sew and have just the plain white material. I’s probably get a bigger piece of material as this piece wasn’t big enough for the hoop and I had to keep making sure it was taut. The French knots also took up to much time so I’d probably reduce the amount I do.

I enjoyed the process of making this piece, I found it relaxing and enjoyable and sometimes stressful . This may help in the future with anything hand stitched related as I used a mixture of sewing parts.







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