My work in the style of David Carson

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I like my Stephanie and the composition of it a lot of thought went into the process of this, as I tried to avoid there being too much detail in specific areas, I used dark colours like Dvaid Crason and used simplicity within this piece of work however the x had less to the image than my name did and I didn’t like it so I decided to alter my X.

I enjoyed the process of making my x however I didn’t like the blandness it had to it, i didn’t like the simplicity of it as David Carson has more detail in his work than that. To edit this I put my x onto photoshop and cropped and edited the image I added an old image into the background with paint splatters. I then followed this up on to lightroom as after playing around with different tools on photoshop I didn’t like the end result, so instead I’ve used lightroom to brighten the photo, add colour to it, darken the dark areas and brighten the white areas, add clarity and make the colours more vibrant and not as misty as the photoshop photo looked.

In the process of creating my X I didn’t expect it to look as gory as it did. it reminds me of a crime scene with the splattered paint and the newspaper. the newspaper is an old image from the deaths on the titanic, the paint was edited to bright red and looks like splattered blood and the x is very dark and red, it looks like quite a horrid piece and even though I didn’t expect this to happen I like the effect it created. If I re-did this piece I would probably change the composition and maybe change the colours and go with a blue scheme which I did think about originally however i liked what effect the red had on the whole composition of the image.








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