Oscar Wilson

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Oscar Wilson uses a range of colours and fonts to make his lettering into objects/animals etc. these are usually used in advertisements especially for London. Oscar Wilson is a typography artist and the bright colours and how your eye sees the wording as different objects. The subject of the art work is the object as that captures your eye first then your eye captures the wording within the object and what the words say.

This work brings to mind a different collection of things for example London, Chess, Fish, Riots, Uprisings etc. His work is very exciting and intriguing it makes you want to find out more it makes you feel quite giddy to find out what he has wrote in the middle of his work like unwrapping a present for example one its a advertisement, two its a fish, three it says Tate and centre and what do these words have anything to do with the fish and the advertisement his work opens up questions.

Wilsons work is typography art work. In Wilsons work his backgrounds are usually a fill colour this is probably to bring out the subject of the photo so the background isn’t distractive. Wilsons work is modern and abstract, he does a lot of advertisment work and uses vibrant, bright colours, and Wilson uses a mixture of secondary and primary colours.

The composition of Wilsons art work is that the subject of his work is mainly in the middle of the art piece to exactly where the viewers eye is usually firstly drawn to.  The purpose of most of his work is advertisments his work seems very technical as you need to chose the right shape, font and size of the letters to move around the edge of the object/animal to define the outline of the subject of the photo.



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