Rosie James

The lesson notes on Rosie James-


rosie james Rosie-James-Tourists-Contemplating-the-British-Museum Rosie-James-Tourists-Contemplating-the-British-Museum-detail-2 Terrace

Rosie James stitches and screen prints look at the individuals within the crowds.  Rosie’s work is created using machine and screen-prints, hand embroidery and appliqués using recycled fabrics.

James firstly looks at crowds and large gatherings of people, She then looks at the ordinary detail of the crowd/large gathering and then the difference between the people and what stands out. James also uses photographs to reveal detail, these photographs are then used for her drawings that she creates.

She sews these drawings onto fabric using a sewing machine, using transparent fabric and leaves loose threads, thus revealing and celebrating the process of sewing. Transparent cloth allows her to layer the drawings on top of each other and so to build up a crowd which allows us to see through it.

James’s work also includes a collection of screen print building, windows, skylines and roofs. They create an atmosphere and build a link between the people she captures and their location.

The black thread is an alluring piece of thread that is brought up from the surface with a slightly fuzzy and velvety look/texture. This is one of the main reasons why James uses a sewing machine and not a drawing pencil.

My first impression of Rosie James work is that it is textile based, group based and she uses a lot of appliqués. What captures my attention is how well she expresses the group or individual person in her work. This work brings to mind different people as individuals and within a group. This work makes you feel quite a wake with the vibrant coloured ,material she uses and the different shapes and patterns within the material she uses.

Rosie James work is abstract because of the messy look she brings to the different individual person with the black thread and the overlapping layers of different figures and people. Her work is modern as she is a resent artist who is still creating textile work to this day.

Rosie James uses a different mixture of lines because of the sewing techniques she uses, she is very structural and with her work you can see the lines of her progress, she uses different patterned, bright, vibrant colours all depending on what feeling the people gave of to James when she was visualising the group they belonged to.

Rosie James’s work is beautiful I like how she has addressed individual people within the group and shown how each person is different this is shown through the different materials used for each person. I also adore the way she has her black thread pulled out and you can see her progress and how it brings an extra modern and messy feel to her work.


Comparing Mr Finch’s sewing style and Rosie James’s sewing style shows how different each artists takes there sewing. The differences between each artist is that Rosie James takes quite a messy approach to her work and looks at the real worlds crowds for inspiration in her work however Mr Finch looks at fairytale books for inspiration and has a historical look to the work instead of a modern look like Rosie James.

The similarities between each artist are very little as they both take a very different approach to sewing however they both use recycled materials on their artwork and probably use the same simple stitches as in running, straight line and each use a sewing machine to get their final pieces.

I like both artists in contrast to one another as they both have a different approach and look at sewing I like the historical fairytale look  Mr Finch brings to his work and how Rosie James uses the end parts of the thread to bring detail to her work and the different overlapping materials.




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