My work in the style of Oscar Wilson

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I used the lyrics from Fall Out Boy-“I Don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me.”

I have done it in black and bronze, I was originially going to do the colour scheme in black and silver however I pressed down to hard on the pen and the tip of it broke so I covered the background in Bronze and was gentler with the pen tip.

I did a few different test runs before i did my final piece as I found it difficult to size up the letters so they were all of equal size. In the end my final piece was okay If i spent a bit more time on it and sized out the lettering with a ruler I probably could I have got equal sized letters however I didn’t really enjoy creating this piece of work.

I was inspired by Oscar Wilson as i used bold writing and block colours like he did in his work. If I re-did my piece on Oscar Wilson i would probably do a black background with a bright pink colour to make the work more vibrant as Oscar Wilson uses a lot of vibrant colours in his work.



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