3D Sculptor of Letter

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I struggled to make my S shape as the corners were very hard to get in between in the end I decided to take a different path to Robert Indiana’s work and use lyrics of taylor swift, chemical romance and fall out boy. I stuck these down with PVA glue, I bathed my S in PVA glue and just stuck the lyrics on it some parts of the S are just plain white which I don’t really like however it’s where I ran our of lyric sheets. I like the glossy, ending finnished look to the S at the end of the process because I bathed it in PVA glue to give it a shiny finnish, in the process of doing this the S had slightly been squished and being made out of paper and masking tape I was worried that it wouldn’t dry proparly and dent in because of the weight and how damp the letter would have been.

If I re-did this letter I may try and make my own letter instead of using a template and make the letter bigger in size and maybe use the bright vibrant colours that were used in Robert Indianas work and I’d do this with different textured card.

I enjoyed making this sculputure even though it was slightly tricky to do, I still found it enjoyable as I usually don’t do sculptures and I enjoyed learning how to create the S and covering it in PVA Glue and paper mached lyrics.



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