Alice Stanne



Alice Stanne is a young illustrator from Boston USA, she specialises in watercolour and bookmaking.  Stanne isn’t just an artist she also teaches art to a mixture of different ages.

Stanne concentrates at looking within obscure and old fashioned words, and hides her objects within her lettering. Alice Stanne’s work is modern illuminated typography this is different between historical illuminated lettering because –

The similarities between these different letters is that the A is a modern illuminated letter and the other two and historical illuminated letters taken out of books from the 13th/15th century. The colours used are both quite subtle natural colours however Alice Stanne uses watercolours and the other artists to the books like monks used natural products around them to make their own paints.They both use a lot of different curves and shapes in their letters like Alice Stanne uses a mixture of different objects hidden within her letters same as the letters within the historical books different shapes and objects are used within the different letters in the keltic book a mixture of dragons are merged into the letters, and in the book of hours different people, bodies and natural elements like vines and leaves are merged into the different letters.

The difference between the different artists/monks work is that Alice Stanne is a modern artist and her letters that she draws each stand for the objects she draws within or around the letter. The historical letters are different as they are older illuminated letters and are based around one theme as The Kells book is based aroudn the celts and there dragons and the Book or Hours is based around the prayers and different seasons, hours and days the monks are meant to pray.

My first impression of Alice Stannes work is that it’s very fluent, she uses objects within and around her work, she favours in illuminated letters and the colouring she uses is watercolours and neutral colours. What captures my attention is how she blends the objects she draws into her artwork, this work brings to mind a different amount of things for example on her H piece of work it brings to mind different timing structures like maybe hours ?

In the work a different mixture of things are happening however the main thing is that Alice Stanne is looking at different historical words and is then presenting that word through different drawings of what comes under that category. She draws a mixture of different things in her artwork, however the main subject of her work is typography. The work is slightly abstract, oldish with what her letters stand for but with the way she illuminates her letters it’s modern.

The composition of her work is that the typography is in the middle of the page and then her drawings of different objects is drawn around that letter. She uses a mixture of different lines mainly curved, but she also experiments with straight, dominating, strong and thin. She sticks to the same colour palette within the neutral natural colours like blues, greens, yellows, oranges which are mainly warm colours.

I like the look of Alice Stannes work as it has a smooth, curved look to it and the colours used are pretty and calming, I also like how the images are blended/merged into the different letters Alice Stanne uses in her work.



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