Modern Illuminated Letters

These are drafts I experimented with, which I didn’t like and decided I could do better I did this by deciding on sing the letter N and basing it around Nature.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The slideshow shows the process of the colours, and pens used to make my N. I based the N on Nature and did a simple design as I liked Alice Stanne’s work but it didn’t really inspire me, so I struggled with drawing and painting.

On the other hand I liked the shape of the N and the leaves and am happy with the colour I chose however  I would have done more detail within the letter and maybe made it bigger and put natural objects inside the letter as well to make it look more like Alice Stanne’s work.

This could help with the future as it shows what does and doesn’t inspire me and for future reference I wouldn’t have to look at this artist again for inspiration to create a letter like hers or I should find something that inspires me a lot and produce it in the artists style of work.



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