Celtic lettering

These are the drafts of the first set of Celtic drawings I did. I looked at Google for inspiration and the Book of Kells, with my draft drawings. I liked the head on one of them but the shape of the body and composition on the first drawing I did however the head was to small and the body to thick I thought I could do it better so I re-drew the drawing and added the actual celtic knots to the drawing which were very difficult to do.

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I firstly concentrated on the head of the dragon and added the over-lapping objects like the tail and the claws. I then drew over this in fine-liner and started adding detail to the body I had drawn it had taken me a few times to get the shape of the head and body right. I still think the head isn’t prefect and could maybe be smaller and tilted down a bit however I’m quite happy with the amount of detail I put in it. This drawing could probably be used as a tattoo as it looks like quite a tattoo drawing that somebody would have one their arm or back.

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The bold outline of the T/cross is there because I occidentally messed up on the outline of the cross so I used a bold line to cover this up however it makes the cross stand out from the dragon and makes the T stand out so it’s not hidden with the dragon in the background and you can actually see that it resembles a T.

What I mainly like about this drawing is that it’s followed the celtic culture with the dragons that they sue to have on their boats, the cross which is also a T and the celtic knots. I also like how you can look at this drawing to ways you can see it is a mythical creature gripping onto a cross or a mythical creature gripping onto a T.

This may help in the future if I follow out to be a tattoo artist a drawing in this style would probably look very good as a tattoo.



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