Robert Indiana


Robert Indiana, is one of the leading figures in American art since 1960’s. He is an American pop artist associated with the pop art movement. Indiana has created a highly original body of work that explores American identity, personal history and the power of abstraction and language.

Indiana’s work often consists of bold, simple, iconic images especially numbers and short words like love, eat and hug. His best known piece of work has been repeated in different colours around the world and is a 3D version of LOVE.

My first impression of his work is that its vibrant, bold and based around short letters and numbers. What captures my attention is the contrasting vibrant colours. This work brings to mind Peter Blake and the pop art movement.

The work produced by Indiana is very modern, contemporary and abstract. Indiana uses different shapes and smooth textures. He uses a lot of curved and straight lines within his lettering and numbering. He doesn’t use much tone it’s all block colour like the pop art movement was and he uses bright colours as well which is very capturing to the eye.

I like Indiana’s work as I liked Peter Blake’s work and how he looked at the pop art movement however he isn’t my favourite artist, I like his look at bright colours at contrasting colours and vibrant colours however within any other aspect his work doesn’t capture much with me as It’s plain numbers and letters not much detail and very simple and I like to look at detail within typography.




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