Dark Room Health and Safety

Health and Safety-

In the Dark Room you could slip, trip, fall to prevent this you have to walk slowly about the room have bags under the sides, and when you walk into a room be organised know where the equipment you need is and put it close by so you can get it under dark conditions.

There are Corrosive/Irritant chemicals in the dark room. You have to use the tongs, wear gloves and goggles to prevent splashing and getting it in your hands getting anything on your hands or maybe in cuts on your hands that why you have the tongs. Don’t swallow any of the chemicals to make to prevent this avoid eating and drinking in the dark room as the chemicals can easily get in your friends especially when they turn into gases . You have an extractor fan button just in case the room starts to get musky and your inhaling the chemicals.

If you spill anything on the floor, clean up and tell anybody else in the room so there are no slips and falls. There are also electronics in the Dark room and if your dealing with liquids and chemicals in the same room you have to be very careful that you don’t get electrocuted, the plugs aren’t dampened and blow the fuses and there aren’t any fires, to prevent this always wash and dry hands after being near chemicals or any liquids.




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