The Dark Room Letter B

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These are the prints from the dark room. With the developer for the prints we used a mixed ratio of 1:9 developer:water and for the paper fix use a mix ratio of 1:4 paper fix:water. We used an exposure of two on the lighting and made sure the aperture was fully open on the lens.


We used multi-grade paper Ill-ford and multi-grade paper was invented so all filters could be used on it however we didn’t have a filter on as it wasn’t needed.

We did a test-run of a face and then followed with an object in my case glasses to represent a letter that we did, I did glasses and formed a B.

To accomplish this firstly we put the paper down in dark conditions and placed the glasses in the position we wanted. I then opened the aperture to full and made sure everything was positioned right, we put the exposure on a setting of two and clicked the red button to expose it.

We then take the paper into the developing tray on the left and agitate the chemicals until the whole photo is developed just as you see fit, you then wash of the developer in the next tray along which just has water in it and after that has been washed off you put the print into the paper fix to make sure the print is safe in white lighting you should leave it in for at least two minutes but it’s recommended to leave it in for as long as possible you can’t over fix it and and then after that put your print into wash and wash all the chemicals off the print and dry the print.




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