Letter O in Briar Leoni Marks style

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I looked at Briar Leoni Marks work in this piece of work, I used the different shades of red to complete the piece as I liked the red and white next to each other, I entwined and weaved the thread together which brought a nice graphic effect to the work I think. This is a good technique for the future as a smaller version of this could be easily done and creating people’s names and is quite a quick process as it only took me a day to create the effect of a spider web that is very catching to the eye it’s also a nice technique to repeat and spent a bit more time on could look very effective. These techniques used of weaving and sewing with straight lines would be useful if I decided to take a career in fashion or textiles as I don’t practicality know what career path I will take in the future.

To improve on this I would probably make the wholes smaller and do it on card and maybe overlap the same letter to give it a nice 3D/graphic effect. To improve on the exact letter I did I’d probably use thicker thread because the letter and wholes are so big on the letter however I am quite happy with this letter as I like the white that I took out of Briar Leoni Marks piece of work and then went for different shades of red as I liked the different tones and how bright the red was and how subtle the white looked on white card.



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