Man Ray


My first impression of his art work is that he does photograms which he firstly called rayograms with different objects and overlaps them and captures the movement within them. What captures my attention is how he overlaps the different objects and gets the mid-tones, dark tones and light tones. In this work a mixture of still life  objects are used, he is a historical artist based around the 1900’s and is quite an abstract artist.

Man Ray was inspired by Armory Show which included a mixture of Pablo Picassos work. Many Ray became a huge figure in the Dada movement in New York.

The composition of his work id thought out cleaverly to get overlapping, shading and to make each item he choses to be captured by viewers. He spreads his work quite evenly out over the page so not much black space within his work.

He shows a lot of contrast in his photograms and uses a mixture of lines thin, dominant, bold, strong, curved within his work. the texture of his work would be smooth because of the emulsion covered paper used for the photograms. Most of the objects he uses are normal objects that you would probably find in a dark room or in a household. To me it looks like he used objects that are personal to him.

I like the look of Man Rays work however within a dark room I prefer the look of the pictures being printed than the photograms. I took glasses and did them in Man Rays style to create a B which are probably a household object so I took the style of his work. We also did a figure of my head and Man Ray has done heads in his photograms before however his photograms have a haunting look to them, this is because of the blur he added to the photogram.






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