Briar Leoni Mark


Briar Leoni Mark is a stitch typographer, she uses a mixture of cross stitch, straight line stitch and long stitch. She is from Auckland, New Zealand . Her work is looks quite graphical instead of it being hand stitched. She firstly pierces the paper with a needle as shown below in the  website video link so that paper doesn’t rip when you sew through it. She uses a restricted palette on each piece of art work, she will just either use black or white or a specific range of different colours.

The artist that could be compared to Briar Leoni Mark is Si Scott, the similarities between both artists is how both artists make their work look like they have done it grpahically on a computer however both artists do all art work by hand Each artists also use a restricted palette of colours with Si Scott hardly ever changing from black and white drawings.

The differences between each artists is that Si Scott draws his work with fine liners and is inspired by music and Briar Leoni Mark sews by hand and adds quite a bit of humour into her work.


My first impression of Marks work is that it was graphically done the colours she uses are very vibrant and that she adds humour into what she sews, however I was wrong her work is sewn by hand. What captures my attention is how neat the sewing is and how interesting the white thread looks on white paper it’s something I would have never thought of doing as I never thought it would stand out however it makes you look closer at the work she sews.

In the work Mark is sewing typography in different formats showing how quicker and easier it would have been on the mac to do. The backgrounds are usually always plain white and she is a modern artist.

The composition of the work is usually across the middle of the page, her work evokes feelings and images due to the different words she uses and colours she mainly addresses humour in her work and the bright colours add to that humour within her work.

I like the effect her work has on you and how graphical it looks when actually it’s hand sewn. The time gone into is shown by how neat and tight her work is and how delicate she must be with sewing through paper as it can still easily rip.



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