Health and Safety-

The laser-cutter could be a dangerous machine because if you use the wrong materials on the machine it can give of dangerous fumes this can be prevented by making sure you can use that material on the machine for example using chlorinated plastics in the machine can give off chlorine gas which is dangerous to anybody near the machine and it can be very corrosive for the machines well-fare as well.

The machine can also be easily set on fire because of the use of a laser and material so to prevent this there are fans to remove most fumes and maybe prevent fires there is also an emergency button on the machine that stops the machine immediately.  The machine also needs complete supervision and shouldn’t be left unattended at any point.

Software and Engraving/Cutting-

The laser-cutter software used was illustrator that is used on the mac computer transported over to the laptop as a 2D dxf file. From the laptop it is then sent to the laptop and on cut-vector graphics you send the design you have made to either engrave or cut to the laser-cutter as a JPG file.


All depending on the different materials, watts, engraving and cuttings the machines settings need changing which is represented in the picture to the left.

After the settings have changed and the laser has measured up the piece of material the top of the laser cutter should be closed and you can engrave/cut what you want into that piece of material if it’s safe and your laptop/computer/machine settings are correct.

We did a quick experiment on a lollipop stick and we engraved a name into a lollipop stick just to be shown how it works.




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