Anthony Burrill

Anthony Burrill is a graphic artist, print-maker, and is mainly known for his up-beat style of communication. You can find his work in the Victoria and Albert Museum, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York and exhibited in museums like Walker Art Galleries, Barbican Art Gallery and Museum of the image ,Breda.

Burnill creates posters and prints with his words/voice on for example ‘Work hard and be nice to people.’ In his work burrill tries to add light humour which is said can be very unique within graphic designers and graphic art.

For the Graphic Design Worlds in 2011 Burrill and Michael Marriot built and installed a chalet structure made out of red-timber, with Burrill’s work interpreted into that made out of multi-veneer board.

Burriell also starts creative workshops by children, students and creative professionals alike. Burrill documents his art and what inspires over different social medias and word spreads as he has thousands of followers.

My first impression of his work is that he uses a quite simple design, with mainly block colours. What captures my attention is the vibrancy he uses within his work for example black and yellow. This work brings to mind different roads signs,  posters etc.

The work is typography based, his backgrounds are usually quite plain and he uses negative and positive space quite well in his typography. The work is realistic, modern and contemporary.

His work is mainly directed in the center of the page or covers the whole page, he uses a bold font on his work and it’s easy to read and very eye catching as he uses vibrant, bold, plain colours.

With Burriells work I like it with the bright vibrant eye catching colours that have been used however I dislike it because of the simplicity of it I don’t see a point to this work or a story behind it, neither do I see emotion it’s just words on paper block coloured in.




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