Letter Q

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I enjoyed the process of making this letter, we worked in pairs and did want to make black flour for the white paper however this just ruined the flour and turned it clumpy so we decided on spraying the ink on the white card. It was a very messy process making the Q and firstly we stuck the paper together with glue stick and then made a Q with the glue stick. Afterwards we spread a thin layer of flour onto the glue to see the shape that we had made and when we were satisfied we sprinkled more flour over the top of that to make it stand out more, that’s how we formed the messy looking Q by sprinkling the flour across the letter as sometimes the flour escaped our hands by accident however I like the messy look it has, I also like the ink on the white part I like the shine it has to it  and the dripping/running look it gives off.

With the ink we firstly tried just plain ink however this didn’t work as well as we thought it would drip/pour very well as it was so thick so we added a bit of water to the ink and this made it thinner and would drip/pour better over the flour.

In Lightroom I realised the picture was white, black and the flour had a cream tint to it which I didn’t like I wanted a monochrome black and white image, so I edited it to make the whites whiter, the darks darker and made the ink shiny, I added clarity to the image to make the Q stand out more. Saturation brightness I edited that as well to make the image brighter than it was as it was very dull and I also edited the highlights I put that to a quite high percentage to again make the Q stand out more. There was also  vibrancy I edited that and put that quite high as well because I wanted a brighter, vibrant, punchy image that stood out more than it did.

If I re-did the image in Lightroom I would probably try and edit the white flour on the white paper and darken that flour as I wanted black flour and maybe remove the ink splotches if I did this however I’m very happy with my end result and I enjoyed doing the process and learning about the artist, I’m going to do a few more letters in this artists style or artists like him as I enjoy the process and results I get from it.




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