Alan Kitching

My first impression of this artists work is that he uses a mixture of bright bold colours he uses different prints to create his work and has a simple block colour background, he mixes colours together and creates an amazing effect. He uses different colours and overlaps the different colours and creates a messy look that has a bubble soap effect.

What captures my attention, is how the bright, vibrant colours stand out against the plain white background. This work brings to mind a bubble effect, maybe even a marble effect on the work.

His work is typography based, it is modern, abstract and contemporary. He uses a plain background to make his lettering stand out more. The texture is probably quite bumpy and rough, the lines used are thick, bold, domineering lines. He uses a mixture of warm and cold colours in some of his work like the icy blue and red hot colours. Your eye is captured by the different colours within the work.

I like this artists work due to the vibrant, bright colours used. I think the simplicity behind his work brings a lovely feel to the piece and have a blank background means the lettering stands out more and captures the audiences eye.

My favourite piece of his work is the book piece-

I like this piece as it says KISS on it and I think that the way the letters are touching and have been marked on the other side of the paper is just like a couple would kiss, it shows the memory of that kiss on someone and how it can make them remember the way they kiss, touch, feel like you’d get in a romantic book, it basically wraps up the contents of a romance book on two pages, it shows the effect two people can have on one another and how they are different but the same, the colours used like pink and red also represent love so the colours have been chosen to represent the story behind the typography words.



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