Craig Ward


My first impression is that he uses a lot of different techniques to achieve the look of his typography, he adds humour in his work as well. What captures my attention is how the words he uses are then used to portray the design around them words for example ‘you blow me away’ and ‘ink and water don’t mix’ he used the effects on these pieces of work including glass being smashed and looking as if it’s being blown up and ink and water on the other. From looking at his work he uses a mixture of graphics and hand drawn practical drawings.

In the work typography is being used, he usually uses plain backgrounds and adds detail to the letters, sometimes the lettering is very simple however very intriguing like the use of fire.

Ward uses a quite simple colour scheme within his individual pieces for example black and white, firy colours and white, bronze and silver/white. He is quite constricted to stick to the simple colours which I think make his work stand out more.

I like Ward’s work I think it’s experimental, humorous and different. My favourite piece is his fire piece I like how he captures the moment with his work as the fire burns, I captured the end result within my work when I burnt my letter. I also liked the look of the penny work, I created my own piece of work  that made a letter J and this created the same effect showing the layering of the money however I didn’t use as many coins as Ward did.

Comparing this work to Sean Freeman, the artists both have a lot in common for example he uses the same kind of materials that Freeman uses. Freeman and Ward both have the same look and aspect within their work they use materials to show off their words for example Freeman in ‘FEAR’ uses jagged edges, rough frames, and sharpness to his work as if you should fear the glass and Ward uses ‘you blow me away’ and uses glass being blown up and shattered to show his words.

There aren’t many differences between Freeman’s and Ward’s work except Freeman uses singular words mainly and Ward uses phrases. Another difference is who they both use the word ‘hot’ in different ways which shows they both get inspired by different things as ‘hot’ has been used with a boiling red substance in Freeman’s aspect and with Ward’s ‘hot’ he has used fire burning paper.



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