Letter C style of Alan Kitching

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Alan Kitching has a rough, blended look to his typography. I copied this style by getting a scrumbled up piece of paper and using acrylic paint without watering it down. I used colours that weren’t to far apart from each other, I used bronze firstly for the base of the letter. I then used over the top of that a white to tone it down a little. I then followed up with a black which I applied in a different way by applying with a layer of it and finally putting brown paint on which I smudged on which then smudged the black paint as I applied the brown paint on top of the black.

I like my final result of the C, if I re-did it I maybe would use brighter, contrasting colours than colours that are only a few tones from one another.

I like the end result because it has a smudged, messy look to it, it was quick, easy and effective, I also like the metallic factor it gives off I think that makes the letter look sharper.



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