Letter G


I’ve drawn my letter G in Thu May Tits style as I really like her work this was my first draft however I didn’t like the female body shape of it so I re-drew it on a different piece of paper s I pressed down to hard on the paper to rub out all the lines and re-start it.

I like the way the woman bends around the shape however my main issue was the hair I was struggling to shape it right to form the actual G shape and try and form the plants and shapes around the body.

My first original body was going to be a mermaid and do an under he sea shape however I changed my mind on that subject as i don’t like using water-colour and I didn’t think the mermaid would look very good in just pen I may decide to redo the mermaid idea on  different letter, however I like what I’ve done so far with my idea on my G.




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