Letter I Allumination

Health and Safety-

  • You could easily get yourself caught on the wire, so be careful when using it.
  • Pliers for the wire, you could get your fingers caught in them.
  • Knife, Scissors etc. there are different pieces of sharp equipment used to model the clay and the scene for the background.

To prevent this be careful around the different pieces of equipment.

Equipment used-

  • Cutting wire
  • Scissors
  • Clay table
  • Pliers
  • Wooden modelling tools
  • Fettling Knife
  • Trimming tool
  • Ribs

Materials Used-

  • Clay
  • Cardboard
  • Wire
  • Water in a pot
  • String

We firstly planned to have  a Y in my allumination and have bears pulling up the Y however we struggled with the formation of the Y, so we changed this to an I and as we realised at that moment that the I wouldn’t easily be pulled up so we had to make a straight block for the I which was easier to produce however we still found it difficult to make.

Next we formed the bears the bears where difficult and we found inspiration for them of the internet-

We liked the feet on the left bear however we liked the shapes of the bears on the right and their faces so we took most of our inspiration from the bears on the right. The production of the bears was very difficult as they were small and fiddly, so we made two bears as they were very time consuming. It took us a few tries until we were happy with the bears but the final bears had a bow on their heads and looked very cute.

After the production of both the letter and the bear we got the cardboard and string. The cardboard originally wasn’t big enough so we had to swap for a bigger piece of cardboard after setting the background up and us not having much time we didn’t paint a background and we just left it blank.  We then got the string and tide it around the letter and the bears stomachs and left a piece to the side that Hannah moved the bears and the letter with.

We used iMotion to make the animation, firstly we had difficulty to produce the first shot of film as we couldn’t work the app however after getting control over it, we did our first shots but the plan of what we did wasn’t long enough so we had to think of something else to do and add onto the end of the clips.  We added on the end of our clip the bears walking forward and being flattened by a pinball which we made out of the left over clay we had.

The problems we faced with the iMotion app was that the app kept closing down on us, we kept accidentally capturing our hand in the shot which we will have to crop out and the wire wasn’t put in all the ears, arms and legs of the bears so they kept falling off in the middle of the shooting.

With iMotion we used the ghost setting which shows where the object was last placed, this helped to make sure we didn’t move the object to far up or down however sometimes we accidently took the picture to fast.

I enjoyed the process of making this animation it was fun, I learnt something new with how to use the iMotion app and the what to do and not to do when trying to do animation. I probably won’t use this in the future as I’m not into the animation and it’s not something I’d follow in however I know how to do it and if I ever get offered to do it and get better at it through practice I’d at least know how to animate.




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