Letter J in the style of Craig Ward

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This idea came to me when I looked at Craig Ward’s work, this is because Craig Ward does a piece on money and uses a lot more 2p coins than I do however he has a messy look to his piece of the money falling.

It took a bit of patience and a steady hand to make the J, it was a bit of a dull process but it was quick and didn’t take much time to make. I added at the end a bit of a shake t give it that messy look which I like.

If I re-did this piece I would probably use black card and to bring out the J more, highlight it and use a few more layers of coins however I used as many as I could find about the house


In lightroom I edited the clarity, vibrance, saturation, cropped the image, made the image warmer. This time-lapse shows what I used in lightroom, I used simple methods to make the image sharper and warmer and make the detail on the coins stand out more.




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