Letter V in the style of Craig Ward


I burned away the letter V like Craig Ward did but I avoided using the present fire as firstly I ripped through the card with my thumb to make an outline shape then I got a lighter and slightly burnt away the edges to give it that burnt look.

I firstly couldn’t decide on red card to give it that fire burnt look or black card to give it a dark look. I’m putting card underneath as I thought it looked to simple on it’s own and the V needs a background to it. I decided on black card as I think the red card will drown out the V and be to bright for the subject of the art piece.

I enjoyed the process of this, I enjoy the look of burnt paper, it has an old fashioned result to it, but also has a modern look to it. The rustic, burnt edges are brought out by the black card and if I re-did this maybe I’d burn the black paper and have white underneath it or dye the white paper tea coloured.





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