Letter M in wire

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My first plan was to create a straight lined letter W with detail in the middle, however I really struggled with the making of the letter wire as I didn’t have the patience to create this wire letter so instead I moved the wire slightly and formed a M by just connecting these wires together.

After creating the wire letter with silver thick wire, which wasn’t very bendy I put it on white card however it was quite dull which I didn’t like and as there wasn’t much detail to the wire I thought a bright red card piece was better as it brought some colour and vibrance to the piece.

I then sewed the letter to the card as the wire was to strong to stick down with glue so I sewed the wire down to paper with thread and a needle with white thread, I used thin thread to make it less noticeable.

I won’t be re-using this method as I hate using wire I didn’t like how patient and structural it had to be, I also don’t like planning for letters I prefer to ‘wing-it’, this letter got me stressed out and I didn’t like creating it with bending the wire and having to use the tools, I prefer drawing as I feel more in control as i can control which shape the drawing is going to be with wire you have limits.









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