Jennifer Collier

My first impression of this artists work is that she uses recycled material like maps and newspaper. What captures my attention is the bland colours used by using newspapers, postcards and maps. She sculptures different still life objects out of card and paper. What captures my attention is how she sculptures these objects, and uses collages of different objects with these materials, it looks like she uses re-used materials with different newspapers and things and this gives her sculptures a historical look to it.

The work has a realistic/abstract look to it, realistic by the sculpture is very realistic however it being made out of paper and card and different re-used materials has a quite abstract look to it. It is a modern art piece however has a historical old look to it dew to the newspapers and maps.

The story in my eyes shows memories within different objects for example how objects can keep memories stored and within each postcard, newspaper and map. This is what I see when I see this artists work.

it probably has a quite smooth texture to it, it’s very detailed, and your eye is captured dew to the rhythm and movement of the material used on the objects.

I like this artists work I think it is, it makes me feel happy as I think how those objects are relevant to me and how the material makes me think of re-used material and how different things store different memories. I like the objects she has sculptured, the materials she has used and as it makes me feel emotions and it reminds me of different memories it makes the work better as I like meanings and things behind different pieces of art work.





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