Sean Freeman

My first impression of his work is that he uses materials to create letters and each material is relevant to the words he is using within his typography piece. What captures my attention is the plain colours how he usually involves black in his pieces and most of his work is black and white. This work brings to mind different products smashed, spread, dripped, broken, just normal things you would find around the house.

Typography is the main subject of the photo, he also uses photography, within the foreground/background the he has a plain black background that is fill coloured, in the pictures above he has mainly just used for his background.

His work is modern, contemporary, and abstract. I think the story behind his work is that when he uses a specific typography quote the material used then is expressed through the material chosen for the typography.

His work varies from smooth, rough, soft, sharp different textures, his work is usually in the middle of the page and is then expressed outwards, the subject of the photo is then spread outwards on the photo. Your eye is led by the materials within the typography and then led to the letters, like rhythm and movement of the typography.

I like this artists work as I like how the materials are used to express the typography and how they are used. I don’t think the work does possess a high technical skill as we successfully completed a letter with flour and it wasn’t too difficult. I think his work is very effective as what he is trying to show the audience is shown in two different way through the material used and the typography used.





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