Elizabeth Berrien

Elizabeth Berrien is an American artist, works with wire in 2D and 3D formats. She is a world class sculpture and illustrator and has been doing this for over 40 years. She has worked for major clients including BBDD,BBC,Motorola and Disney World.

My first impression of Berrien is that she uses wire and entangles the pieces together to form a object in either 2D or 3D, it’s like a continous line drawing. Her work makes me feel as if i’m looking at the veins on the subject of her work for example the red wire used on the T-Rex reminds me of veins and muscle tissue and the look of it, which then makes you look at the other pieces of work and you see the veins running around their body system as if she’s just brought something to life.

My favourite piece of work i the unicorn it has a magical, unbelievable look to it, the wire makes it look as if it’s moving with a blur and there’s an essence coming off the unicorn.

In the work Berrien is looking at metal work and transforming it into something beautiful and alive so it’s not just cold wire anymore. Most of her work is still life, or portraits of people and animals. Her work is abstract and modern, the story behind the artist looks lie she looks at the coating or the veins flowing through the work and looks at what brings that object to life and she then constructs that through wire.

The artist has provoked the different feelings and images in these pieces of work by using wire and giving it a messy drawing look dew to the brittle edges of the wire.

She uses a mixture of lines including dominant, strong, thin ,thick , curved, sharp edges, broken and very structural. Her work has a constructed look to it and the flat 2D pieces of work look like constructed continous line drawings. The texture of her work is probably got a brittle, rough texture to it, this is because of the way she uses her wire and as wire is quite a rough brittle object but also has a smoothness to it until you start adding them together and twisting the wire to make different shapes and different lines.

The way she structured her work includes using the thick wire to construct the actual shape and the thin smaller wire which is more bendy to secure the wire together which makes it sturdy and strong.

The colour is usually a black/silver colour due to the colour of the wire however she also experiments with white/silver and red etc. Your eye is led in her work by the movement of the wire, the theme of the work is mainly animals, but also people this is because animals take a huge inspiration in her work.

I love this artist I think her work has a lovely look to it and feeling, you have to have a lot of patience to create work with wire I think as it’s difficult to bend and structure the piece. I think er work is effective as you can see it fro different views an look at it in different ways.






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