What theme and why ?

Horror, as it is intriguing and I enjoy horror and scary things.

Which techniques and material process ?

Maybe use photos, drawings, live film, music.

What would you research ?

I would use films, music, Internet, artist research, mini films, intents.

What influences you ?

I’m influenced through drawings, photography and films.

How will you include a song or sound effects or anything else ? 

Use sound, haven’t decided if I want to use our own created music or use already used film.

How will you record this ?

Maybe with live film, through photography, drawings and music.

What audience will it be aimed at ? 

It will be aimed at an older audience as it is horror.

Colour Scheme ?

The colour scheme will be dark and mysterious as we need to bring across a scary and spooky feeling.

Any other themes to consider that are opposite ? 

Comedy, children channels maybe ?

What channel are you using or are you making your own ? 

Horror channel or haunted house advertisement.




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