Scary Photo – Dolls

I stuck to simple editing on these photos and in some cases using the adjustment brush tool, I used this just around the corner mainly to darken the edges and smudge them out so it ads more depth and a more creepy look to the photo as if the darkness is surrounding the doll.


With the photo above I made the exposure very high, I made the contrast low, I left the temperature and added just a hint of the pink tint. I kept the highlights quite low, the shadows low and lowered the clarity this gave the photo a very white smudgy look which I was in for in my photos, I boosted up the saturation a bit to give it some colour and tone, I didn’t use the adjustment brush on this photo. I like the turn out of my photo as it makes the eyes look as if there looking directly at you however if I was to edit this photo again I’d probably try a darker approach and boost up the clarity to give it a less blurry look.


With this photo I did use the adjustment brush I used it on the eyes and around the head to remove the background and make it completely white. I added a yellowish temperature to the photo and added a pinkish tint to it as well. I boosted up the exposure to give it a brighter look and if you look closely you can see the pinkness in the hair and on the cheeks. I moved the contrast up quite high to make the photo punchy, I left the highlights at quite a high mark and then I left the shadows at quite a low number to get out all the white in the photo which I wanted. Saturation I boosted up to give the whole photo some colour however I didn’t boost it too much as too much colour would have ruined it. If I was too redo editing this photo I’d go for a darker approach and try and get everything dark except the eyes keep the eyes the light blue there are so the eyes stand out or maybe even take it through Photoshop and change the blue eyes to a red or green and see what a different colour eye would do to the photo.


In this photo I used the yellow tint which you can see in the eyes of the doll slightly, i then put the exposure to very low so you could hardly see anything, I put the clarity to quite high and the contrast quite low. I decided to put highlights just above the middle line so there was enough to highlight the dolls features but not too much that the dolls features where to obvious and didn’t give a very scary atmosphere to the picture, as I wanted this photo to look very dark and dismal. With the shadow feature on Lightroom I decided to create quite dark shadows which would blend into the underexposed image and make the photo look darker and more dismal. Then with the saturation I put this slightly high to bring out the yellow colour to give the doll a dirty, old look as if it had been abandoned. I love this photo all I could recommend I change would be put the exposure higher to add a bit more light within the photo so you may see more of the features of the dolls.


This next photo I put in Lightroom, I decided that I would again experiment with underexposed imagery as the darkness looks quite nice on the photos and really brings of a scary look to the dolls. I left the temperature and tint alone on this photo. In contrast I moved that up quite high to bring out enough detail and contrast between the dark and light shades of the photo. With highlights I lowered it slightly to remove some of the bright highlights from the lights. With clarity I put this to a high value so the detail within the dolls features stood out a bit more dew to the under exposed image. I put the saturation feature slightly low to remove a bit of colour to make it look quite dark and colourless however I wanted a bit of colour within the photo to give the doll an alive look. I then used the adjustment brush to make the background darker. I like this photo I like how you can see quite a lot of the detail within the coat and the composition with half of the dolls face popping up to the camera, however if I was to re-experiment with this photo I would probably experiment with the black and white filter and maybe experiment with a higher exposure.


With this photo I mainly used the adjustment brush to create a underexposed and overexposed image I did this by creating an underexposed image and then near the eye over exposing the Lightroom filters and creating a torch look on the face as if somebody is searching for something and has accidentally come across a doll. If I was to re-experiment with this photo I would probably make it a full underexposed image or maybe try a full overexposed image instead of having a mixture and then experiment with different temperatures and tints.


With this photo I experimented with the black and white filter, I mainly wanted with this photo to get the broken finger and have an image with the broken part of the doll showing however I don’t think I addressed this in the best possible way as I don’t like the composition of the photo or the editing black and white filter effect on it. If I was to redo this I’d take a better composed photo of the broken finger and maybe avoid the black and white filter effect as it doesn’t suit this photo very well. 10426649_1048666538506195_7460547434177102702_n

With my next photo I used a low exposure, a low clarity, a very low saturation to give it a soft, colourless look. I decreased shadows and highlights. I like the effects used on this photo it gives it a very soft, forbidden, dismal, dark look. I however would change this photo by making the eyes completely black this would have given the doll a possessed look which would have contrasted with the soft clarity look of this photo.


I decided to experiment with a very high tint and temperature, and used the adjustment brush. Firstly I put temperature quite high to give it a bit of a yellowish tint I then added the tint and did this as high as possible to give it the pink and red look. I then put the exposure quite high to make it an underexposed image. I then got the adjustment brush and added a quite high exposure overlapped with lots of layers of the same effect to give it that torch light look. I dislike the red/pink tint which I experimented with I don’t like how unrealistic it looks however I do like how the eyes went pink/red and how the overexposed part of the image is pure white I think it gives quite a creepy look to the photo.


In this photo I went back to a more realistic look to the photo which I prefer. In this I underexposed the image, I then put the clarity quite high on the scale so you can see more detail within the dolls features. I put a yellow temperature filter that turned the photo slightly yellow which gives it an old rotting look I think. I then put the highlight filter quite high and bright and the shadows quite dark. Then with the saturation quite high to bring out the yellow in the photo. This is one of my favourite photos as I like how it brings a dirty look to the dolls face and how the adjustment brush worked when I made all the background dark and tried blending that in by covering some of the hair, body and face in the darkness as if it was swallowing the doll.


This final photo is my favourite I like the composition and the Lightroom effects within the photo. I used the adjustment brush which created the black background and the slightly smudgy effect around the dolls clothes, face and hair. I underexposed the image, I then put the contrast filter on quite high, I then put shadows quite high with highlights. For clarity I put this at it’s highest to make the photo stronger and the dolls features to stand out more. I added a yellow temperature to the photo and a slight pink tint to contribute to the yellow eyes and the pink cheeks and dress on the doll. With saturation I put this slightly high to bring out the colour within the photo which I think gave the photo a very realistic look which I think makes the photo give of a scarier atmosphere when looking at it. In my opinion this is one of my favourite photos, I love the composition and how creepy it looks and I love the look which I’ve completed and wouldn’t change anything as I like it.



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